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Copper Summit, Inc. is an American small business that provides the best architectural copper products on the market. Our artisans have over 50 years of combined experience and their attention to detail and the pride and perfection, along with the workmanship put into each product, is second to none. 

Copper Summit, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to provide you, with architectural copper products that will provide a lifetime of satisfaction. We serve architects, general contractors, roofing contractors, engineers, builders, and individual customers nationwide.




Copper Summit, Inc. offers unique handmade copper products that are the finest on the market. These products include:

  • copper cupolas
  • copper finials (roof spires)
  • copper chimney caps
  • copper chimney pots
  • copper dormers (roof vents)
  • copper louvers (gable end vents)
  • copper awnings
  • copper domes
  • custom copper work (as seen in our gallery)


Copper Cupolas:

Our copper cupolas not only enhance the beauty of your home or business, but also provides the added benefit of saving on energy costs. The cupolas come in a variety of styles and can be customized to your specifications. We carry the bell top square copper cupola, the curve top square copper cupola, the bell top octagonal copper cupola, and the curve top octagonal copper cupola.  COPPER CUPOLAS


Copper Finials:

We also carry several styles of copper finials (copper spires). We offer the standard gem top copper finials, the classic bell design copper finials, and the turret gem top copper finials.  For builders (or other interested parties), that have a minimum order of 12 finials, we will offer a unique and exclusive finial design, that will not be replicated or sold elsewhere.  COPPER FINALS


Copper Chimney Caps and Copper Chimney Pots:

One of our top selling products is our French Curve Copper Chimney Cap.  We also offer the Hip Roof Copper Chimney Cap, which we have customized, per our customer needs, as seen on our Chimney Cap product page. 

For those in the market for chimney pots, we offer the octagonal and square based chimney pots with the optional rain cap. COPPER CHIMNEY CAPS or COPPER CHIMNEY POTS


Copper Dormers and Copper Louvers:

Our second best selling product is our Copper Eyebrow Dormer.  This beautiful design has provided style and function to our customers over the years.  We currently offer 7 standard styles of dormers (roof vents) and 6 standard styles of louvers (gable end vents) to fit any architectural design needs.  While copper is a beautiful metal, in and of itself, adding our design and the functionality of dormers and louvers makes for a desirable product to ventilate any structure.  COPPER DORMERS or COPPER LOUVERS.


Copper Awnings:

All of our copper awnings are considered custom as we have noticed, over the years, that there is not a standard size awning in which we receive inquiries on.  Our copper awnings provide beautiful framing to any door or window and can be functional as well.  A popular add on to the awnings, is the patina (aged green copper look) finish.  COPPER AWNINGS.






 Copper Summit, Inc.

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